Madison DeVries

“There is something so rewarding knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life just by changing their look,” said Cosmetologist Maddy DeVries. Maddy has worked at Rau salon for almost six years, and she’s been designing beautiful hair styles for almost five years. She completed an apprentice program and trained with Rau Salon Stylist and Manager Heidi Shulski. Maddy then went on to receive her certification from Gateway College.

Maddy specializes in color and balayage, and beautiful hair transformations are a regular part of her daily work. “The reason why I got into the beauty industry is because I’ve always had a passion for making people feel and look beautiful. I love color, and I love big changes! I’m very good at listening and making sure we are choosing the best treatment for your hair needs. The moment I reveal my client’s new look, then see their excitement and how grateful they are to have me as their stylist – this is my pinnacle moment.”

As a stylist, she is always wanting more. She loves to challenge herself and Maddy takes pride in her pursuit of learning everything she can both inside and outside of the salon. Maddy has such a great passion for hair, and she places a priority on keeping up with new trends and techniques and furthering her education. Her hope of one day being a trainer herself has finally come true as she takes on apprentices to guide and share her talents with.

Practicing self-care is something she encourages her clients to do, because she knows how it important it is in her own life. Relaxing and getting her nails done is something Maddy really enjoys outside of her hard work at Rau Salon.